An Alien Conversation 

  "Mother, why do we own, breed, kill, and eat humans when we can survive eating just plants instead?"   "Because we're intellectually superior to them sweetheart, now eat your dinner before your barbecued human breast gets cold."


“Everything Happens for a Reason”

The sounds of laughter and joy echoed throughout the neighborhood as the sidewalks and tiny patches of lawn became filled with energetic children ready for summer in the sunny suburb. It was Julia's first day of summer break after finishing first grade, and she was thrilled to finally get to use her new bike. Her … Continue reading “Everything Happens for a Reason”

Genital Mutilation in the US

The modern practice of circumcision originated from a time when overall hygiene was poor and infectious and sexual diseases were out of control. Now, what with showers and cleansing products available, penis infections are (almost entirely) a thing of the distant & dirty past. Before modern circumcision, there were ancient circumcision practices, which existed to … Continue reading Genital Mutilation in the US

Some Quotes from Sam Harris on Creationism

We used functional magnetic resonance imaging to measure signal changes in the brains of thirty subjects—fifteen committed Christians and fifteen nonbelievers—as they evaluated the truth and falsity of religious and nonreligious propositions. For both groups, and in both categories of stimuli, belief (judgments of “true” vs judgments of “false”) was associated with greater signal in … Continue reading Some Quotes from Sam Harris on Creationism

Why Legal US Abortion is Vegan-Friendly (and Ethically Sound in General) Every Time

The reason that vegans stand against the killing of animals, from an ethical standpoint, is because of two things about animals: they are conscious and can feel pain. The word for consciously aware beings who are able to experience pain is sentience. We, along with nearly all other species, are sentient beings based on our … Continue reading Why Legal US Abortion is Vegan-Friendly (and Ethically Sound in General) Every Time

A Short Story About Gentle Encouragement

A couple of days ago something happened that I’ve been waiting some time for. The food court was packed at midday with hungry and impatient people, my sister sat beside me as we enjoyed our vastly contrasting lunches (as usual) surrounded by the subtle roar of the crowd and the slightly too upbeat pop music … Continue reading A Short Story About Gentle Encouragement

Theism & Atheism – A Discussion on Evidence

The word evidence is triggering to some, perhaps because it implies challenge to their faith (or highlights their lack thereof). This piece will discuss evidence as it relates to the theistic claims of Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism). Many people get confused expecting there to be “evidence of atheism”, when actually the side who … Continue reading Theism & Atheism – A Discussion on Evidence