The Future Of Justice For Invisible Slaves (Formerly Think & Thrive)

Readers may have noticed that the site has been under some construction, in that the majority of the content on this blog has been erased forever. However, this is not the end of an era. I intend to continue putting out content here for as long as humanly possible.

The direction of this blog is now dedicated to spreading awareness on (and ultimately the effort to end) human trafficking, particularly child trafficking. It has become apparent that this issue far exceeds any other pressing matter of our times, and in my opinion it would be a waste to spend time writing about anything else while this tragedy and injustice lives on.

Future content will include:

  • Current events regarding missing children and cases involving children
  • Studies/research/statistics
  • Pop culture/social media trends targeting & victimizing children
  • Information on safety & prevention
  • Ways to help/get involved/outreach

Welcome to Justice For Invisible Slaves, it is my sincerest hope that this blog becomes a rich source for spreading awareness and advocating for children. Information on how to donate to various charities and organized efforts will be located on the “About JFIS” page.


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