Desmond Napoles: The Endangered Child The System Ignores

This is the story of a little boy who is being used as a pawn for the radical “progressive” agenda. The current degradation of the West is perfectly displayed by the sad and horrifying life of Desmond Napoles, a “child drag queen” who is being financially and sexually exploited by his parents and the media.

“LGBT” Culture (Targeting Innocence Since the Dawn of Postmodernism)

Exhibit A.) Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, meet 12 year old Desmond:


Desmond has been exploited by many entities in addition to his parents, such as Good Morning America, RuPaul’s DragCon, Pride, Black Pride, the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Museum, not to mention he performs exotic dances on stage at gay bars and night clubs in New York and California, where adult men crowd around and toss dollars at him. Don’t believe me? I don’t blame you, take a look at the “Desmond is Amazing” YouTube channel (if you can stomach it.)

Desmond’s parents have consented to the child being filmed hanging out with homosexual men in the “club kid” community, and there is evidence to suggest the use of hard drugs in his presence and perhaps administered to him directly, given his drowsy state in one video (specifically Rohypnol, the “rape” drug often found in drag environments.) One of the two men in that video was Michael Alig, who was found guilty of violently murdering his drug dealer in the 90’s. There is extensive footage of Desmond alone with adult members of the “LGBT” community, sometimes in drag, and in another video Desmond pretended to snort the sedative Ketamine.

The fact that this type of parental conduct is considered acceptable anywhere in the United States is appalling. It is apparent that the umbrella beneath which all things protected under political correctness is currently sheltering child predators from being brought to justice. And don’t get me wrong here, I’m not pretending for a second that any person or organization on the planet is guiltier in this case than Desmond’s father and mother.

The Napoles Family

I reached out to Desmond’s mother, Wendylou, and asked her a few questions about her parenting style and Desmond’s lifestyle in general. While she didn’t say much about his activity in the public eye, she did bring up his sexuality (odd considering he’s twelve) and said, “Desmond is a gay boy.” She didn’t comment on the mental health of her prepubescent son, but she did speak very highly of Child Protective Services, saying “They’re huge fans of Desmond! I want to give them a copy of Desmond’s new book for LGBTQ youth.”

Sounds more like Bad Parent Protective Services.

It is unclear whether Desmond’s father, Andrew, is actively involved in Desmond’s life. Though there is one photo of the father and son together online, there doesn’t seem to be much evidence of Andrew Napoles at all. The Napoles family isn’t exactly the Brady Bunch, in case you haven’t figured that out, and the dynamics of the family are difficult to understand. While his young son has an extensive online presence, Andrew doesn’t seem to exist online aside from the one photo of him and Desmond, shown below. Though Wendylou has done several interviews about her son and accompanies him to “LGBT” events, Andrew appears to be too submissive to defend his son’s innocence and masculinity (or to even say anything at all.)


The Wikipedia article on Desmond Napoles describes the criticism of Andrew and Wendylou Napoles from “social conservatives”, which is, according to the article, “resulting in harassment and death threats.” It also outlines Desmond’s lengthy list of accolades within the homosexual, drag queen/nightclub, and “transgender” communities (at age 12, how fabulous!) What wasn’t included in the list, conveniently, was his history performing in seedy gay clubs, stripping in front of adult men for dollars while his parents, cashing in, pretend to be virtuous, loving, accepting, progressive lesbians (only one part of that description is remotely accurate.)

“Drag Children” Are Abused Children

A “drag queen” is someone who lives a lifestyle based on portraying women in a simplified, sexualized, and misogynistic way. Heavy eye makeup and glitter, overdrawn lips and exaggerated features, large imitation breasts, and revealing and form-fitted attire, all of which connote a promiscuous nightlife lifestyle. Drag culture is a combination of adult homosexual activity, hard drugs, and vulgarity. There is nothing – not one single thing – about drag culture that is appropriate or healthy for a child to witness, let alone take part in. Why, then, is the phenomenon of “child drag queens” allowed to continue in our civilized nation? Wasn’t the sexual exploitation of children once frowned upon?

Recently we’ve seen an upsurge in drag permeating pop culture, from social media to entertainment to the school system (see drag queen storytime, men “of color” in drag speaking at middle and high schools, and the baby drag queens cartoon “Drag Tots”.) Unfortunately, it seems, teaching children that they should grow up and be flamboyant, edgy, and “progressive” is a more popular idea than teaching them that they should grow up and be doctors, soldiers, and policemen.

As someone who works with children kindergarten through high school, I’ve heard children as young as fifth grade casually discussing “transgenderism” and shows like “Ru Paul’s Drag Race”, a television show featuring crossdressing men. As bonkers as it may sound, there is no shortage of people out there willing to let pop culture raise their children for them while they’re busy at work. While this issue is much bigger than a political discussion, it does highlight just how far some will go to signal their progressive virtue to the world, even if it means putting their vulnerable children at risk.

In Defense of Desmond

If the exploitation, abuse, and neglect of this child is something that concerns you, I encourage you to get the message out and start the discussion in your community. None of this is Desmond’s fault. He is a child, and children are innocent. They are also defenseless, which is why it is owed to them to be protected at all times and at all costs. But Desmond is not being protected, in fact he is being placed directly into the lion’s den, where pedophiles and publishers are free to target and violate his innocence.

If you are someone who lives in a city, you’ve probably witnessed Pride weekend at some point. If not, I will sum it up for you, think men in clown makeup, sequin bras, and frilly tutus dancing and singing on a stage in the street. Despite being a celebration of depravity, Pride is considered a “family friendly” event to its proponents. The adult nature of the things children are currently being exposed to is obscene. It’s as if, in the absence of war and famine, some parents have a need to create an environment that subjects their children to new traumatizing and dangerous situations.

The “progressive” agenda of funneling dangerous, confusing ideas into the minds of unsuspecting children (seen overtly in the education system, sadly) is not progressive at all. There are countless “child drag queens” and “transgender” children who have been forever branded as such online, including Nemis Golden, age 10 (stage name “Lactacia”, posed for professional photos with a nude man), Bracken Hanke, age 13, Ryland Whittington, age 13, Jacob Lemay, age 10, Coy Mathis, age 6, Milla Fabish, age 14, and many, many more.

Not only are these children in danger, ALL children are in danger. The push for “LGBT acceptance” and the shame placed on “homophobia” (the rejection of this filth) have taken away any chance for the protection of the youth from being overexposed to such adult ideas and lifestyles. Educate yourself if you haven’t and always protect and talk with your children.

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