The Unacknowledged Holocaust

There has never been an amount of human suffering that remotely compares to the suffering we’ve subjected animals to. Animal agriculture is the longest, most violent and senseless massacre to have ever taken place.

People today obsess over the minor injustices people in the West face (according to idiotic thought leaders and “intellectuals”), but gloss over the obscenity that their own lifestyle choices fund.

I’m too squeamish to talk about it.”

Some predator you are.

People today go on about “privilege”. White privilege, male privilege, this privilege, that privilege. But what a privilege it is to take three lives a day and not think twice. What immense privilege to sentence those born into less fortunate circumstances to torture and early death via slaughter.

For a sandwich.

Those who refuse to acknowledge the chokes, cries, and screams of the animals who their dollars are abusing have NO place babbling on about social justice. The agony that hundreds of trillions of innocent individuals are forced to endure every year, there is no past or present human suffering that compares.

To those who have yet to better themselves and say no to abuse of the innocent: It’s time to STEP UP. Their suffering is not your lifestyle choice. Their body parts are not your diet. Their hair is not your warmth and their skin is not your accessory.

Their lives are not your belongings and their innocence is not yours to violate.

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