Thoughts on Holiday Hams


I’ve heard a commercial on a local radio station a few times now asking people to donate hams to a charity for families in need this holiday season. Now, glazing over the fact that societal pressure to donate to charities during the holidays is intense enough without radio hosts spewing it at listeners during the Top 40, let’s discuss this ham donation thing, shall we?

Only in the United States of America do animals have to die so that people can feed the children they can’t afford to have but do. Oh, you chose to create more mouths to feed knowing that someone else is going to have to feed them? Well last time I checked rice and beans are cheap and filling so hopefully you have a hoard of Taco Bell sauce packets in your bag, sweetheart, because it’s Mexican night.

A goddamn ham? Are you shitting me? This is why I hate the holidays. And you should too. A stupid, senseless amount of money gets flushed away into an already inflated consumer market increasing the already healthy demand for unsustainable, unhealthy products. Like hams.

Speaking of ham, pigs are one of the most highly cognitively evolved animals (I’ve heard they rank in the top 4 most intelligent species). What irony, a highly intelligent being getting killed to feed deadbeats who need handouts for their children to survive the Winter. Hearing about ridiculous stuff like this everyday for weeks on end makes me want to hibernate until Spring. Remember how the Grinch stole Christmas? Well this is the Vegan Ruins Christmas.

Merry Killmas ya filthy animals.



  1. Excellent observations!
    Why CAN’T people simply donate non-animal foodstuff?

    Do so many Americans really have to eat a Turkey just to be ”thankful” on Thanksgiving?
    (another revolting ”holiday” btw).

    And a nod to Home Alone … well done!

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    • Because America is unfortunately still a place where tradition trumps sense/progress.
      Thanksgiving is revolting to me as well but not for the reasons you might think (I’ve actually come around to be pretty thankful for the settling of my country; Despite the violence having to be involved, I am thankful it happened.)

      Thanks! We should collab on a religion piece.


      • Ok, your comment did remind me of a song though…

        Did you hear that? They called me a whore!
        They actually called me a whore!

        Old Seaman:
        But Senora Peron, it’s an easy mistake!
        I’m still called an admiral
        But I gave up the sea long ago!”


      • There are multiple Jewish holocaust survivors who stopped eating meat after what they went through and are on record saying it’s because they ethically can’t justify contributing to the slaughter.

        Actually, the word “holocaust” to refer to animal agriculture was originally used by one of those holocaust survivors.

        This, coupled with the fact that far more than double the amount of animals are killed in a single year than in the entire four year Jewish holocaust, makes your appeal to emotion a complete fallacy.

        Please stop funding the animal holocaust, there is no justification for it.


      • They aren’t? You don’t say? This whole time I was under the impression that animals were human beings… Except I wasn’t and I never said that.

        Someone not being human does not justify using and killing them for a food product that you don’t need.

        It’s ego and cognitive bias that allows people to think it’s justified to perform a holocaust on innocent individuals based on them being “not people”.


      • I’m simply saying they are both holocausts of needless exploitation and killing, and to please stop creating the demand for it.
        The semantics game doesn’t give you any credit, there is no justifying animal agriculture.


      • I did not say anything about ‘dead’ animals, did I? I’m talking about KILLED animals.

        Someone dying by chance is very different than someone being bred into existence, farmed, and killed.


      • Again, that’s called cognitive dissonance and ego.

        It is not about your feelings toward animals or dead animals, or my feelings about them, it is about the fact that innocent individuals are being farmed, exploited, and slaughtered for products we don’t need, and that is unethical.
        It’s not about feelings.


      • You can use whatever semantics and mental gymnastics you like, I never said anything about dead animals.
        The fact remains that you can not ethically farm or kill innocent beings without need. Currently we’re slaughtering hundreds of billions of individuals per year.
        Saying “a dead animal doesn’t bother me” does not justify those industries or the practice of animal agriculture.
        “I don’t care” is not an argument, it’s a copout.


      • What do you not get about the fact that “semantics though” is not an argument?

        “I don’t consider members of that species to be individuals” is not a justification for the needless holocaust of them. Or funding it.

        Do you not understand what cognitive dissonance means ? Or are you not reading my comments?


      • It is not about “belief”s; The ability to write blogs has nothing to do with consciousness or the ability to suffer.

        A boy is not more capable of consciousness or physical suffering than a rat. Both are sentient beings.

        Both an animal and a boy suffer, an equal amount, when you slit their throats and let them bleed out (a common meat farming practice).

        You keep making it a humans vs animals comparison thing, when it isn’t about humans at all.

        It is about the fact that animal agriculture is unjustifiable because we do not need to farm or use or kill sentient beings for food.


      • It does not matter what people do when a rat dies, you made that silly argument four times now. It’s more than clear you don’t understand the difference between dying and being killed, you don’t need to keep reiterating.

        What is your justification for funding the forcible impregnation, removal of babies, sucking out and stealing of breast milk, and killing in their youth those with a will to live no less than your own, for unhealthy products that you DO NOT need?
        (Please don’t resort back to “because I don’t care about dead animals” copout, unless that’s all you have ?)


      • The dead rat matters only that it proves that 99% of humanity recognizes the dignity of human life.

        The dead rat, not so much. No one cares.

        Examine yourself and ask, “If I had a child, would I care just as much if he died, as I would a rat dying?”


      • Why do you keep bringing up dignity of human life in a conversation that isn’t about humans or human life at all ?

        Dignity has nothing to do with the ethical issue, my argument has nothing to do with the “dignity of life” of animals.

        Why do you keep saying “dying” when the conversation is not about dying, it is about needlessly killing?

        Are you suggesting that an animal dying of natural causes is in any way comparable to someone needlessly killing an animal? Because if so then that’s pretty embarrassing, at least come up with a solid argument if you’re going to put yourself out there like a jackass. (Let me guess, I’m the bad guy for name calling, right? I’m a vicious militant vegan extremist, right? No, stop killing innocent individuals for bacon sandwiches.)


      • But I never said anything about “importance” of animals; again, you’re making it about something else that it’s not about to make it easier on yourself to argue your biased position.

        I have never equated the importance of animals and humans, that is a strawman argument.

        For the dozenth time: The issue is not about “dignity of life” or “importance” of animals, it is about the fact that they are needlessly suffering as industry slaves and otherwise wouldn’t be were it not for your dollars.

        You can’t argue against the fact that animals feel pain no less than you do when you’re hurt and bleeding and no doubt will when you’re dying, so you just make up pretend arguments that I never made to combat, like “importance” and “dignity of life”.

        It’s pathetic, really.

        You know I’d have more respect for you people if you’d just man up and admit “I have no justifiable argument to defend my unethical consumerism, I just don’t care and like it too much to quit.”

        You are arguing over chicken nuggets and burgers, to keep it in perspective; So let’s keep that in mind, shall we, while we’re attempting to justify the slaughter of hundreds of billions each year that it takes to create those toxic atrocities you’re eating.


      • You have an opinion that animals don’t deserve to be eaten.

        You have an opinion that an iguana is an individual.

        Fine. Have that opinion.

        Suffer physically for the rest of your life from never eating complete protein.

        Shrug. Ok. Do that.

        I’m going to keep eating meat and indeed a paleo diet of extremes.

        Do you know why?

        Because animals are not human.


      • That is in no way a response to anything I said, you are clearly not reading my comments. You are just repeating the same tired ass argument over and over.

        Guess what, snowflake?

        Saying, “animal agriculture should end because it is unjustifiable suffering” is NOT THE SAME as saying “animals are human.”


        Are you retarded ?



        Why are you here ?

        Are you the 400 pound bed-bound internet troll Trump was talking about ? Lol with dick else to do than half-ass attempt to argue your trailer trash logic? Get fucked, princess


      • You should free ride a dick and stop with the useless throwaway comments. You’re wasting space in my comments section, talking a whole lot without saying anything pertinent to a damn thing I said in this piece or the comments.

        You are using my blog as your own mentally-retarded ranting space and that is inappropriate. Say something relevant to what I said in the piece or my comments, or you’ll say nothing else here.


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