Defending Veganism

This isn’t the first response piece I’ve made in defense of veganism. Unfortunately there is no shortage of bloggers out there – big and small – who want to undermine the movement and what we’re trying to do. And we just can’t have that.



This is the piece I’m responding to:

How ironic. She has a headshot of an animal as her photo while paying people to shoot animals in the head. (I gotta say, this shit writes itself.)

“I could never be vegan.”

Like all vegans, before I went vegan 2 years ago I used to say that “I could never be vegan”. Then, I stepped up and stopped funding industries of needless exploitation and slaughter. Simple as that.

“I have food allergies and intolerances. I wouldn’t be able to handle replacement foods for vegans. Like, all the food they make for vegans contains a shit ton of soy. Soy burgers. Soy cheese. Soy milk. Soy tacos. Soy burritos. You get my point. I also cannot handle high fiber or high protein. They make me vomit or fall on the floor cramping in serious pain wishing I would just vomit.

Just like nuts, you can absolutely avoid soy, vegan or not. There are plenty of vegan “burger, cheese, milk, taco, and burrito” brands. And if you don’t like those then make your own or eat something else!!! No one should have to die for you to eat a goddamn soy-free burrito. Give me a break. And about the protein/fiber stomach cramps: YOUR BODY IS FUCKED UP FROM THE NASTY SHIT YOU’RE CLOGGING IT WITH. It is no wonder that salad makes you sick, you’re a bloated trash-eating pig. Your body isn’t used to real food because you don’t eat it.

Though I eat them in small quantities, I am also allergic to raw fruit and vegetables. Eating typical vegan food would be a struggle from hell.

There is no such thing as being allergic to raw fruits and vegetables, that’s just called being full of shit. There is nothing that’s in all fruits and vegetables that you could be allergic to. That is complete and utter bullshit. (Also, there is no such thing as “typical vegan food”.)

“I believe in eating animals. It is healthier to do so. With that being said, I have been reading about this to prove my point. Paleo is one of the diets that is very pro-grass fed. In Norway, that doesn’t even need to be a label because of how farming is here. There are stricter rules on farming. I would rather promote how to farm better than be a vegan.

On what planet is it healthy or even safe for people to consume meat, dairy, or eggs? This is the one I have the biggest issue with because it is spreading dangerous misinformation. Cholesterol, saturated animal fat, blood cells, pus cells, estrogen, progesterone, sex hormones/stress hormones, casomorphin, all detrimental to human health and all plentiful in meat, dairy, and eggs. Everything we need can easily and affordably be gotten in abundance on a vegan diet, and that is a long proven and commonly known fact. Paleo is an EXTREMELY toxic and dangerous diet (as is keto). Also, “grass fed” means nothing; feeding someone grass before you kill them does not make them less dead. The ethical issue is not whether they’re eating grass or not, it’s the fact that they’re being shot in the head, slit in the throat, and bled out. For fucking burgers. I don’t care if they ate grass or five star chef cooked dinners every night, stop fucking breeding and killing them and eat something else. Bloody hell.

These were some of the saddest excuses I’ve heard an animal consumer come up with as to why they reject veganism. And despite being by far the most pathetic attempts at justifying animal product consumption I’ve heard, the comments made by Stiina aren’t too much dumber than what I regularly hear (though they were pretty fucking dumb).

This is what “humane slaughter” looks like. At the end of the day we all know on a deep level that this is incredibly wrong.

Stay vegan, ponyboy.



  1. Not to rehash any previous fights, but with all due respect, this piece portrays all the intellectual and empirical soundness of a seasoned ideologue.

    Make of that what you will.


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