Cannabutter Cakes

Full of nutrition, texture, and delicious flavor, this vegan edible really sets the bar high. *BA DUM TSS

For this off the cuff recipe I used two (vegan) whole grain apple cinnamon rice cakes, smothered and caked together with about three loaded tablespoons of Cannabutter each and topped with maple syrup.

Using Cannabutter (and consumption of Cannabis edibles in general) is a great way for health-conscious individuals to enjoy the benefits of Cannabis without having to smoke (we all know why smoking is bad so I’ll spare you the D.A.R.E. run-down).

One of the huge benefits of consuming edibles that people commonly report is relief from chronic conditions; Many people use pharmaceutical drugs daily that are fantastically addictive and have dangerous side effects, but common conditions like chronic pains and clinical depression are not currently being treated with natural aids like Marijuana because doctors are still trained to prescribe drugs instead. So rather than pumping themselves with chemicals and hormones and God knows whatever else is in prescription & recreational drugs, people are starting to choose Cannabis and Cannabis-based products to get the good while avoiding the bad.

Now I don’t want to beat around the bush here, and disclaimer: I’m not a fucking doctor. And despite the fact that consuming edibles greatly relieves my constant, chronic knee pain, I personally only have experience with Marijuana recreationally. So in that respect, I can assure you, this Cannabutter recipe is sure to knock your rookie little socks off.


– 1/2 cup coconut oil (I use unrefined because it still smells and tastes like coconut)

– 7 grams Marijuana

[Yields about 3 servings; Long-lasting unrefrigerated]

– Decarboxylate the finely ground Marijuana in a shallow pan by heating it at 240F for a half-hour (this step is important to do precisely in order to successfully convert the THCA to THC, which without doing will prevent you from getting high).

– Remove and let cool before placing the coconut oil in the pan (at room temperature it’s solid but it melts down to liquid) and place back in the oven for 3 hours, stirring gently and thoroughly to even the mixture every half-hour. By infusing the hot oil with the decarboxylated Marijuana the THC is being concentrated over time, so be sure to leave it in for the full 3 hours. Patience is a virtue.

– When it’s removed it should have a dark green/yellow/brown color and obviously the aroma should be knocking on the neighbor’s door. Pour and drain the mixture through some sort of mesh strainer into a jar (I use a plastic and mesh coffee filter, cheesecloths and tea strainers also work), and really press on the grounds to squeeze all the oil out into the jar.

– Now at this point you could leave the jar sitting on a counter top to solidify, but who wants to wait 24 hours for some butter? So what I do is store it in the refrigerator for a couple hours (max) until it’s at the perfect buttery consistency (you know the kind that’s thick and rich but spreads evenly on anything?). You’ll know it’s ready to eat when it seems like you have a jar of pungently grass-like, snot-colored vegetable oil.

Cannabutter is simple to make and as versatile as regular vegan butter/veggie oil, and can be used to bake with or straight up spread or melted on food. It’s a definite game changer, and I highly recommend it (you see what I did there?) to every adult consumer of Cannabis.

So go and make some tasty vegan treats with this recipe and blog about them so everyone can see how easy and fun it is to be a non-smoking… do people still say “pothead”?

As always, stay high, Ponyboy.


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