Perspective: Transgenderism And “Cultural Appropriation” In Western Society

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We live during a time that men openly dress, behave, and “identify” as women and that women openly dress, behave, and “identify” as men. Many of these people and their alliance demand special and unfair privileges (under the guise of a “human rights” crusade), such as taxpayer-funded breast implants, breast removals, artificial penises, penis removals, artificial vaginas, therapy, and sex hormone drugs. Some of these people even promote these practices, surgeries, and dangerous drugs for children.

This is, according to a certain chunk of the population, acceptable in modern, civilized, Western society, and should be not only accepted and normalized, but encouraged and praised. Indeed many would or should agree that having long hair, having large breasts, wearing skirts and heels and lipstick and speaking in as high and nasally a voice as their bulging throat lump will allow certainly do not turn men into women. These things are not what make women women. What makes women women is their nature, what their body consists of. Now whether or not you accept that transgenderism (gender dysphoria) is a mental illness (it is), the fact is that just because one claims membership of a biological group that they do not actually belong to, does not mean they do belong to that group on any level (though they can, and do, play pretend).

Mental illness does not and should not dictate or determine the structure of reality or our relationship with it. And yet, we have no shortage of folks raging on in support of the acceptance and normalization of transgenderism/”gender fluidity”/”genderlessness” as legitimate categories of gender “identity”.

I bring up this trend of mimicking (appropriating if you will) the opposing gender because since the recent Halloween holiday we’ve seen lot’s of backlash from those who take issue with something the far left is calling “cultural appropriation”.

cultural appropriation – Cultural appropriation is the adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of a different culture. Cultural appropriation is seen by some as controversial, notably when elements of a minority culture are used by members of the cultural majority. (Thanks, wiki.)

Choosing to skip past the loaded notion of “cultural majority” (I’m sure a social justice warrior wrote this definition anyways, probably two weeks ago), this definition and it’s implications reflect a societal sickness that has been allowed to permeate for too long.

Fact: Having brown skin is NOT a culture.

And even if it was, NO CULTURE IS OFF LIMITS FROM BEING USED, PORTRAYED, JOKED ABOUT, OR MOCKED. No culture or race or groups of individuals exists inside a safety bubble protected away from getting their feelings hurt through the free expression of others; That is not how reality works once we leave first grade.

What I find so, so rich is the titanic load of hypocrisy this “cultural appropriation” schtick brings up. It goes like this: All practices and garments and whatever else from non-Western cultures are off limits for white people to imitate or joke about or mock, and yet the pillars of Western CULTURE are being adopted by those of all cultures and should continue to be. We see people assimilating to Western culture to escape the ills of their own culture, just to be told (usually by white, American-born liberals) that if we dress or take on or even joke about any of their cultural ways, then we are insensitive to their suffering (or something like that).

Because yes, having dreadlocks and wearing sombreros and hijabs on Halloween is SO offensive to those who genetically derive from the countries those cultural things stemmed from; But when those who are not of Western culture wear cowboy boots or fake “white people” hair, that’s just called fashion. Makes total sense.

If your panties are in a bunch because people are adopting things from certain cultures that you label oppressed or marginalized or otherwise special, then you better not be appropriating the culture of ANY OTHER group that you do not belong to (which is ironically something we all do constantly, since the America we’ve grown up in is a muddy indistinguishable mix of all cultures that we couldn’t even completely break down and eliminate if we wanted to, or needed to for that matter).

What I find so egregious about these people and their infantile ideology is how making a costume or a joke of a culture, any culture, – in the United States of America- can be somehow more offensive or unethical than attempting to force people to accept that a person with male chromosomes, a penis, and who will never experience a menstrual cycle or deal with any of the negative aspects of being female, is a female. Simply because they “feel” like they are one.

Let me ask you this, almighty ones:

If you have never been a woman, then HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT YOU “FEEL” LIKE ONE?

As a woman I find it absolutely objectifying and repulsive that people think that getting breasts or a vagina or buying a bunch of women’s clothes and dressing up makes someone more of a female. Or a female at all. Just so we’re clear, the woman who wears men’s clothing, has her breasts removed and an artificial penis tacked on, and who hits on women in bars, is FAR more of a woman than ANY man in a dress with his penis removed will ever be.

So the ideas that men are women and women are men, that you MUST accept this (or be labelled a “transphobe” if you refuse), and that dressing as or imitating those of different cultures than yourself is wrong/unacceptable, are COMPLETELY hypocritical and nonsensical beliefs to ascribe to. If “appropriating culture” is wrong in your eyes, then you should also be doing your part to speak out against appropriation of the genders.

I challenge everyone who adheres to the groupthink ideology of “cultural appropriation” to break away from this hyper liberal rabbit hole that is being so desperately designed to soften and cloud the public from having a grip on reality or the actual issues that exist within the confines of it, and to think for yourself, clearly and rationally and without emotive triggers.

It’s called Think & Thrive for a reason – Not Feel & Thrive.



  1. Great content. The style could have been better, in my opinion, but it was definitely worth the read. Given our… other interactions… your stance on regressive leftist ideologies impresses me. It’s just common sense, really. Not that people who fuel the popularization of mental illnesses know the first thing about common sense.


    • Well this stuff doesn’t really lend itself to common sense to begin with, I’m sure most of us don’t ponder transgenderism all day.
      How do you think the style should have been different?


      • Just your general style of writing. I’m a bit… strict, I guess. And yeah, you’re right, the whole thing really is mind-numbing.


    • What makes you think that only gender dysphoric people should discuss gender dysphoria?

      Should only Autistic people discuss Autism, too?

      And only depressed people should discuss depression?


      • I don’t, but you seem to think that only cis women can feel like women, and cis men can feel like men, and that’s the same thing. You don’t know how it feels to be autistic unless you are autistic, and you don’t know how it feels to have gender dysphoria, as you are not suffering from it, you are just airing your ‘opinions’.


      • By “cis” I’m assuming you mean EVERYONE except the folks who have gender dysphoria – To which I’d say that mental illness is a deviation from the norm, so we don’t need a word to describe everyone who doesn’t suffer from that illness.
        “Cis women” is not a real thing, you can just say “women”, because that’s what they are, not “cis” women.
        You don’t have a word to describe everyone who doesn’t suffer from Autism or depression do you? We don’t need words to describe the majority who doesn’t suffer from an illness, that is a ridiculous hijacking of language and rejection of intellectual honesty and rational sense.

        That said, believing that I “feel” like a horse does not make me less of a human or more of a horse, nor does it make “trans-horse” a category of people. It makes me mentally ill.
        And mentally ill is not a gender, nor should it be a gender or identity label, it is an exception and deviation from the biological norm.
        Nature does not intend for mentally ill people – whether they’re schizophrenics or pedophiles or trannys – to exist. Nature made a mistake by allowing those issues to exist in people and rather than treating them like they’re normal to cushion feelings we should be treating their illness in scientifically and socially honest ways.

        I have never claimed to “know how it feels” to be mentally ill, that does not make it less of a mental illness or my views on it less valid.
        Having a mental illness is not a requirement to comprehensively grasp and discuss the illness.
        Saying “you don’t know how it feels to have that illness!” does not discredit my position on the illness, I don’t need to know how it feels to be ill in order to have a rational discussion about illness.
        By your logic, only mentally ill people can be doctors, since mentally fit people have no place discussing illnesses they don’t have. That is an ignorant thing to believe.

        If speaking out against children being fed sex hormones and puberty blockers and society turning into an unrecognizable liberal snowflake piss bucket is “airing opinions” then please do stay tuned for more of my opinions being aired.

        This blog is not a place to bring your coddled feelings. Honest intellectual thoughts, yes, but feelings, no sir.


      • If that’s your best attempt at a response then I rest my case. If all you have is personal attacks then might as well just say nothing.
        You started the conversation with such arrogance the least you could do is back up what you said.

        Why do all you gayboy he/shes start a debate and then run away throwing “insults”?
        At least be a stereotypical homo and have more solid insults than “Katie Hopkins” lol she’s more of a man than any she/he transmale science experiment in existence, so laugh at that since you like jokes.


      • I’m actually laughing at that, because it was you who called trans kids ‘pissbuckets’, your word not mine. And as it’s been taken as a compliment, why are you so offended at being called Katie Hopkins? If you were a bigger snowflake, you’d be the abominable snowman. PMSL!!


      • I have never called “trans kids” (not a real thing btw) pissbuckets.
        Please quote me accurately and verbatim if you’re going to use my quotes.

        You still have yet to respond to the valid points in my last response before the name calling began, so if you aren’t going to stay on topic and defend your claims then I assume you’re forfeiting the debate.


  2. A good analogy is that human beings have ten fingers. Some people don’t have ten fingers but we don’t teach that people have a random number of fingers, or that human fingers are an infinite spectrum. If the point of the transgender movement was for everyone to be kinder to the exceptions then I would agree completely, but the voice behind the movement says that 40% of transgender people (a higher percentage than Jews during the holocaust) will attempt suicide and this is the result of us teaching the basic science that there are two genders. I don’t submit to that guilt, nor do I submit to any ideology that drowns science and statistics with lots of noise and places itself above criticism.

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