Farm To (Slaughter) Table

I’m not quite sure what it says about me that the most productive conversation I’ve had with an animal farmer was pretty unproductive; though I suppose you can never know if you’ve planted the seeds of change in the person or not just by their immediate response to you.

No one should have to die an early death at the hands of someone else without justification. And “bacon” is not a justification.

That said, pasted below is the short, to the point conversation I had with an animal farmer this morning (or a “meat grower” as she so eloquently put it).

The dialogue ended there, because I think everything that needed to be said was said. However I will respond to the last comment here, as a way to show the flaws in Cecilia’s defense to those who are newly vegan and want to effect change through conversation.

“Different cultures have different needs”

The culture that this woman lives in certainly does not “need” meat, nor does any Western culture. Unless you are for some reason living in barren ice lands where plants and crops don’t grow and your only means of survival is killing animals (in which case I’d suggest moving to a new place before breeding more people to live in such an uninhabitable place).

“Our food choices come down to what we can afford”

The UNNECESSARY, UNHEALTHY “foods” that are meat, dairy, and eggs are some of the MOST EXPENSIVE “food” items you can get. There is NOTHING affordable or fiscally responsible about buying meat. People in poor countries do not have the luxury of eating meat. And animal products are most certainly luxuries in this world; The only reason meat is cheap in Western fast food is because they factory farm the shit out of those animals to provide a fuck ton of product at a low cost.

“What we learned to eat as children”

As a child I learned to eat copious amounts of meat, dairy, and eggs. I also learned from the same people that virgins can get pregnant and that worshipping someone is a good thing to do; Learning an idea or behavior as a child does not excuse holding that idea or behavior in adulthood.

Anywho, I wanted to take this opportunity to show people that you do not need to be hostile or belligerent when confronting people who farm animals; In fact you can usually get further into the conversation by politely getting to the point of the issue without making it personal.

To bring up one thing I mentioned, the cognitive dissonance so blatantly displayed in this conversation and ones like it is such a reminder of why these conversations are necessary. The idea that one can kill animals unnecessarily but can be “never cruel” about it is, frankly, absurd.

How do you needlessly kill someone without cruelty? That’s a difficult one.

You can see Cecilia’s blog & slaughter operation (“farm”) at

Perhaps ask her why she posts photos of the animals before she kills them (or has them killed) rather than showing the reality of why they exist to begin with:



  1. You shouldn’t eat at all because apparently eating and drinking is not necessary. There are documented cases of people who have eaten absolutely nothing for decades, and they are said to be powered by the universe! Killing plants to eat is killing just the same, so why not put you money where your mouth is?


    • From the 10 day study (which is one of only two) –
      “The fact that Jani’s weight dropped slightly during the 10 days has cast some doubt on his claim to go indefinitely without food.”

      I dont think a religiously deranged individual who started a cult around his theory of a “goddess” sustaining him through breath is a fair reason to ascribe to a lifestyle that I already know to be dangerous.
      But nice try:)

      Another quote from the link-

      Dr. Michael Van Rooyen, director of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, dismissed the observation results as “impossible”, observing that the bodies of profoundly malnourished people quickly consume their own body’s resources, resulting in liver failure, tachycardia and heart strain. A spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association stated that, “The bottom line is that even fasting for more than a day can be dangerous. You need food to function.” Nutrition researcher Peter Clifton also disagreed with study results, accusing the research team of “cheating” by allowing Jani to gargle and bathe, and stating that a human of average weight would die after “15 to 20 days” without water. People who avoid food and water to emulate mystical figures often die.”

      Also, it’s INCREDIBLY important to include that none of those researchers (I use that term loosely given that they actually got out of bed to study the bizarre claims of a crazy person with an eating disorder) were dietitians or nutritionists on any level.

      If someone respected in the public eye came out as a “breatharian” do you really believe people would accept that the way they’re accepting veganism? Of course not, there’s nothing there. They’d be shunned, as they should.

      And frankly it’s dishonest of you to propose an argument that you don’t really yourself even believe as a “gotcha!” attempt.

      If you have a legitimate case against veganism though I’d love to debate with you!


      • There have been many of these claims over hundreds of years of history and included monks and nuns!
        Anyway, you seem to want to tell everybody else how to live instead of minding your own business? If you don’t believe in eating meat then don’t eat meat! If you don’t believe in eating carrots then don’t eat carrots!


      • There have been many claims of alien abduction, there have been many claims of prophecy over THOUSANDS of years, the point is that there have been many deranged people who get little impressionable followings and convince them of crazy things;

        Crazy people make crazy claims. The point is that saying “many people have ascribed to this lifestyle and said its safe!” is not nearly enough of an argument for such a silly, factually indefensible lifestyle.

        That said, you came to my blog and commented on my post, so it’s rich of you to claim I need to mind my business. Ever heard of free speech? Yeah, I’m an American too.

        Also, a personal attack against me is not a defense of your argument; “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!” is not an argument, it’s what angry children say.

        Bottom line, as long as there are people using, exploiting, and killing innocent beings for needless “food” products, I will continue to speak out against such practices.


      • If that’s the best response you’ve got then I rest my case.
        Still no needless killing or exploitation of the innocent from me, better luck next time old man.


      • * has “godlike” in blog title in reference to self

        * calls little girl on internet who he disagrees with “retarded”

        * is supposed to be a grown man

        Ok then…

        Still waiting for you to defend your ridiculous, ignorant claims with a valid argument.

        Or can you not?


      • It’s in reference to the Hindu concept of “I”
        It’s the name of god in the Abrahamic tradition” I am that I am”
        It’s all really way above your vegan head! I’m going off to blood sacrifice a lamb now so good night! ☠️


      • Oh is that supposed to be any less self righteous? Haha the fact that you’re serious about that is gold.

        Actually I prefer to spend my time studying things that actually exist. You know, in reality?

        Anywho good luck with your prostate cancer, colon cancer, bladder cancer, high cholesterol, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and early death!

        That shit you call food always hits men the hardest.


      • Aw, another failed desperate google attempt. How cute.

        Did you really just claim that b12 and b6 are not abundantly accessible from natural sources on a vegan diet ?
        Are you actually living in 1972 ?

        And then you call me an idiot lololol this just keeps getting better!
        GodDAMN what a troll.

        Try some real facts next time.

        Or don’t you know the difference between the facts and the propaganda nonsense that validates your little food addiction?


      • Can you imagine, “I started killing again because I wanted to supplement my b6 and b12” ?

        As if murdering innocent babies and parents and individuals is a fad diet choice.

        What kind of sick bloodthirsty psycho would use that justification for unnecessary torture and killing?

        Shame on you.


      • You better blame Mother Nature who you clearly aren’t smarter than! And idiot, it’s not all about you, you are not important! Infantile!


      • Look, animals are being molested for their sperm over many years, raped and forcibly impregnated over many years, molested for their breast milk over many years, and forced to die early, bloody, painful deaths.

        Hundreds of billions per year.

        That said, I have no more time for your aimless incessant yipping.


      • Per your “Mother Nature” fallacy though, I will say that nature surely did not invent heart disease or erectile dysfunction or atherosclerosis or prostate cancer in men as young as forty.

        That’s all thanks to the increasingly bastardized diet that humans have been eating.

        Estrogen, pus, saturated animal fat, cholesterol, all ABUNDANT on a meat, dairy, and eggs diet.

        Nothing natural about a human drinking cow’s titty milk or eating the period eggs of chickens.

        That’s just fucking nasty and dangerous.


  2. Just to be clear – I don’t have a slaughter operation nor is that dead hog from my farm. That never happens here. I understand where you are coming from Amanda. But please don’t mis-represent me on your blog like this. I am always open to discussion. Maybe spend some time reading my blog before attacking me and making me out to be a monster. I say these things gently. I am a woman working hard to change an industry – trying to show a better way – in a mans world. We need to support each other not claw at each other. Cecilia.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Cecilia! Thanks for reaching out, lot’s to unpack there.

      First off, I stand by the phrase “slaughter operation” for everyone who chooses to send animals in their care to their death for food/products/financial gain.

      “I grow meat” is another way of saying “I run a slaughter operation”, because no slaughter = no meat.

      Second, if you find it harsh that people attack and confront you for using and exploiting and killing animals, then I don’t know how to help you with that. Maybe try a more ethical career so you don’t have to be confronted by all the innocent individuals you’ve killed.

      The fact that you’re trying to copout of taking responsibility because the animals are sent to be killed on another property is pathetic and dishonest. At least step up and admit that you think it’s justified for you to do what you’re doing rather than crybabying about being attacked for it.

      People who wilfully and knowingly do bad things to the innocent, should be attacked and shamed when they refuse to accept the fact that they are wrong.
      Especially when they have a large online following and they’re promoting that message into the world.

      There is NO “better way” to use or kill those who do not need or want to be used or killed.

      You can accept this and change your sick ways or you can keep crying about “don’t attack me!”, either way there is absolutely no justification for animal agriculture.

      Nazis working the holocaust were hardworking men who just wanted to do their job. Should we have allowed them to continue their slaughter in peace?

      This is an animal holocaust and I will not apologize for keeping it 100% realistic and to the point.

      Your feelings do not matter when you’re sending innocents to die, so enough with the victim complex. Step up and defend yourself or go cower back to your bloodbath.

      But do know that my friends and I are coming for your industry and we aren’t stopping until all of you are out of business.
      Might want to get some crops started now if you hope to have a farm in the future.


      • I’m sorry, but I have to say that rhetoric like this is what gives us vegans and vegetarians such an awful image. It’s astounding that you think attacking another human being like this is alright. It’s not. Treat others how you want to be treated, right? By all means, keep spreading your message, but I’d like to point out that you might actually reach more people if you didn’t spend so much time pontificating and wishing ruination on someone’s livelihood.


      • Oh give me a break with this falsified virtuous crap.

        Do you not wish ruination on the livelihoods of child sex traffickers?

        Enough with the coddled little feelings. This is not about feelings, and it isn’t about making people comfortable with the “image” of vegans or veganism.

        As long as people are exploiting innocents without need, they will be called out for it. No one is exempt from criticism.

        Stop breeding and killing pigs for bacon. It is that simple.
        “Treat others how you want to be treated” is a FANTASTIC philosophy, people like this woman should learn it and put it into practice.

        Thanks for the comment.


      • So, I’m just gonna say now that I’m not going to reply any further after this. Sorry I worded my original response the way I did. I probably should have taken my own advice and been a little less harsh, but much in the same way thay you’re passionate about veganism and animal rights, I’m passionate about people treating each other with respect. It’s clear, however, that there can’t be any respect between us after this, so I’m not going to waste my time.

        But no, I don’t wish for ruination on those people; I wish for those people to get the help they need and be reintegrated into society as better, helpful people. To be clear, I in no way support such things, but I do think people deserve a chance to redeem themselves. Seriously, your tu quoque arguments are embarrassing. But whatever, have fun with them; they worked for Trump, so maybe they’ll work for you eventually, too.

        Anyways, good luck with spreading your vegan message. I truly hope you can reach people and change a few minds.


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