A Thought on the Recent Rise of the “I’m Christian” Circle-Jerk

If for some reason you’re still calling yourself a Christian in 2018, then you must be either:

A) a complete hypocrite because you really aren’t one,


B) a complete lunatic because you really are one.


Heads up:

I’m coming at you guys with a ton of new fun (& some spicy/controversial) content very soon so get your eyeballs (and wittle feewlings) ready.



  1. I met a B earlier this year–extra B since he was a Jehovah’s Witness–but he was the only religious person I’ve ever met that I felt honestly believed every word he said.

    Though he only came on Sunday nights, so he might’ve just been a vampire waiting for me to ask him to come in.

    Look forward to reading your upcoming content.

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    • My point was that there is ONLY the hypocritical Christian (and Muslim, and Jew), aside from the smaller group of fanatics in the fundamental thumper crusade; which I’m sure they’re as true to the absurdity of Abrahamic religion as you can get.


    • Yes, virgins getting pregnant and talking snakes and life after death are the only rational position. Because only losers admit when they just don’t know something about the universe, right?


      • I don’t think God literally has a penis, but if He prefers male pronouns . . .
        (In general, both masculine and feminine traits are associated with the God of the bible. However, the way He talks about Himself, and the way those who knew Him best talked about Him, He generally comes across as male. I don’t think either the feminine or masculine can be perfectly ascribed to Him. They’re more metaphorical.)


      • So you think that the entity who invented the very idea of male/female/masculine/feminine… Had the male/masculine qualities (or more of them) before even conceptualizing of masculine/feminine qualities? Despite allegedly being the very inventor of those qualities?


      • No.
        In the Genesis account, God creates man, that is mankind, in his own image. This image, as it turns out, is not just a man, and not just a woman. The image that God creates is the Creative Image. He creates man and woman in his own image. Man and woman exist in a creative relationship, and this is the image that God created of himself in this world. So no, God didn’t invent masculine and feminine, for they were part of him, expressions of himself. To the point, masculine and feminine are not created ideas.


      • So if god always had qualities that god didn’t conceptualize/invent, then does that not mean that those qualities originated from somewhere other than god? Since they exist and god didn’t create them?


      • How do you figure that?
        Not everyone ascribes to your particular religion of choice so let’s try to keep the conversation more creationist than theist in nature – that is if you’re going to continue arguing for creationism; you can always back out now, it’s never too late to change your mind, science even does it from time to time (religions not so much, they’re sticking to their dusty old stories)


  2. You’re intimating that having a quality means gaining that quality from something else, perhaps even from some platonic ideal of said quality. But how, if we took that ideal, would it be anything more than nonsense to ask how the ideal of a quality gains the quality of which it is an ideal. Now, as far as that goes, it is a good conception of the natural space we inhabit to separate qualities of an object from the object, but God is not within the category of the natural world. He is better thought of as the ideal itself. To take the example from earlier, things in the natural world have masculine and feminine traits, and these traits are not separate from God, that is, they are instantiations of God, not full images, but metaphors of what he is.

    I said God is X, and you asked how did God gain X. There is no gaining X for God, God is X.


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