Illegal, Undocumented Migration In The US

[Please read to the end before commenting, thank you.]

These are photos from 2014 of the children of illegal immigrants being held in a detention center, under the Obama administration. Notice anything… Cage-like? (photo credit to John Moore/Getty Images, recovered by Breitbart from Twitter)

And cue the mass hysteria because the snot nose child of an illegal, undocumented migrant was photographed crying in a refugee center (“cage”) while the criminal parents were processed under the Trump administration.

Is this really real? This has to be a dream. The parade of ignorance has gone on far too long.

Here we go again with yet another lovely steaming pile of dog shit brought to you, ladies and gentlemen, by (drum roll please) the pro-illegal immigration, far left, “humanitarian” fanatics. Shocker, I know, try not to bruise your chin on the floor.

Let me ask you this: Would you ever show up somewhere, skip the line, sneak past the bouncer, and then blame security for being the bad guys for kicking you out? OF COURSE you wouldn’t, that would be idiotic, since it would have been your own fault for skipping the line and not paying for entry to begin with. And yet for some reason the American government, board of immigration, department of homeland security, and Trump administration are being absolutely VILIFIED for practicing the laws that exist to keep the country secure, safe, structured, and fair.

Who in their right mind promotes or encourages or even condones illegal immigration? I find myself often wondering how so many of these pro-illegal people function as adults in society. How can you function, when you go through life obsessing over the issues of other shit hole countries before even considering your own country and its citizens’ well-being?

The “social justice” war for sanctuary cities is an utter embarrassment. It is unlawful and unethical to knowingly allow undocumented migrants to stay in a country, period, but especially for immigration agents and the police force, who have the duty to report crime.

Common excuses for the sanctuary of undocumented, illegal migrants:

– They take “the jobs citizens don’t want” (what con artist came up with this tagline I’d like to know.)

– They work for cheaper than citizens (allegedly, despite not paying income taxes; And even if they work for a penny a day, that’s still not a justification or excuse for undocumented migration.)

– They boost the economy (which, if the US allowed ten million new migrants to walk in today that would certainly boost the economy; The US economy is doing just fine, and a possible economy boost is not nearly enough of a justification for allowing illegal immigration.)

– They are “good people” (which is a meaningless, throw away comment, unrelated to the issue at hand.)

If Jesus Christ himself (or the prophet Muhammad himself, depending on your religion of choice) showed up at the border, he would STILL need to wait for his documentation to process to gain entry. NO ONE is above the law in the United States, no matter what their country of origin is or what language they speak or how brown their skin is. If you don’t have documentation to be in the country, then it is YOUR fault that your children are sitting in a refugee center while your ass is in jail waiting for court, NOT America’s fault or President Trump’s fault.

During their brief stay in American refugee and detention centers, illegal migrant children are served hot meals, given bedding to sleep, given outdoor and indoor recreation and exercise equipment, and are provided with education materials – ALL at the expense of legal, taxpaying American citizens.

The United States does not have the money, resources, or man power to house, feed, clothe, educate, and provide health care for the world’s refugees and all their children. This is not about feelings or compassion or even empathy, and it is not a political issue or even a humanitarian issue; This is a national security issue concerning the best interest of American citizens and society.

United States border patrol and security is extremely understaffed and overwhelmed with the amount of illegal migration happening and constantly clogging the court system and processing system.

The Obama era has weakened American border security and immigration policy so much that the severe increase of undocumented migration over the last ten years has devastated the nation in so many ways. Millions and millions and millions of people are already inside the country illegally while countless amounts more are still pouring in. HELLO PEOPLE? THIS IS NOT OK.

If they want it to take less time for them to funnel into the country, then they need to stop distracting the country with their illegal activity so we can focus on legalizing them! But no, they say they’re running from danger and their children need refuge; well why on Earth did you choose to have children in such a fucked up country to begin with? And how is it the United State’s responsibility to take care of you and the children that you chose to have in that country?

It’s not.

Cartels and gangs send children back and forth across the border and take advantage of lucrative opportunities and US resources and weak border policing; and well intentioned, family oriented people follow them along because they figure they have nothing to lose. But United States citizens DO have something to lose. Many things to lose.

American citizenship is a privilege, not a right. Popping out children does not give someone the right to American citizenship or entitle them to American resources, nor does fleeing from another country.

The reason America is great is because, in America, American citizens always come first. When we start putting other countries’ citizens first, we stop being America. And we stop being great.


  1. One of my best friends works for the Border Patrol in South Texas. He has for years. They spend so much time going after criminals that they have little time for the people who just sneak over the border. It’s not hard, really. A couple of years ago I was at Big Bend National Park on the Rio Grande. People from the Mexico side walked across the river and placed little knick-knacks on a rock with a cardboard sign that said $5 and a jar. I bought a little copper-wire roadrunner. My kids waded across the river just to say they “walked to Mexico.” I realize that’s all a little off topic. Always, whether I agree with you or not, you make very compelling arguments that make me think. Terrific writing.

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  2. I think I know what you mean. Desperate immigrants fleeing crime and poverty are almost as deserving of compassion as cows?


    • Compassion has nothing to do with border security and immigration policy;
      Desperate migrants can flee to elsewhere because the US no longer welcomes undocumented migrants. Wait in line like everyone else or don’t come.

      The very least we can do is not use or kill animals that we don’t need to use or kill ; How is that comparable to this issue?


  3. Good thing we got in before they put out the “no trespassing” sign then. I’m pretty sure my immigrant ancestors invaded as part of some unwashed desparate multitude completely undeserving of any sign of compassion or simple recognition of their human dignity.


    • Again, compassion and recognition of human dignity have nothing to do with documentation; If you don’t have documentation, then you aren’t welcome into the borders until you do have it.
      Very simple concept.


  4. It’s been a long time since I have read such stone cold pragmatism. Most people at least feign some faux concern for “those poor people” before they then voice their actual Utilitarian “America First” sentiments. In his anti-war speeches even Lindbergh, of the original “America First” Committee, pretended sympathy for German Jews before he complained that their American cousins were deceptive and cunning. Your brutal honesty is realy very refreshing.


    • You know Amanda that entering the country undocumented is a misdemeanor, the federal equivalent to getting a parking ticket.

      Back when I was in the military, I used to participate in the tracking, arrest or destruction of drug traffickers who entered our country illegally and it didn’t phase me, but when I see children ripped from thier parents because those parents had the effrontery to want a shot at a safe and prosperous life for said children, I get a kinda sad for them and for my country. You’re obviously a less emotional soul than I am.


      • Are you suggesting that undocumented migration should be tolerated ?

        What does misdemeanor have to do with the issue?

        If you care about your children’s well being, then you won’t illegally sneak them across a border into another country and force the burden of YOUR children onto that government and society.

        Immigration policy has nothing to do with emotion. There is no justification for allowing people to skip in front of everyone who is waiting in line for their documentation.

        The children of American criminals get taken and put into foster care constantly while the parents are processed; and yet all people like you care about is when the children of illegal undocumented criminals get separated ; Why is this ?


    • Do you understand the definition of pragmatic ? Pragmatism is nothing short of a complement..

      I am not concerned with the poorness of undocumented migrants;

      Immigration laws apply to all people, period.


      • Indeed it was a compliment. I myself am what Judge Richard Posner coined an”every day pragmatist”. But even pragmatism demands that we don’t normally remove children from their desparate parents for parking tickets, even if it serves to dramatically deter future parking violations (which I’m sure it would).

        Pragmatism also looks at costs and benefits. Notwithstanding the heartless cruelty of it, incarcerating children (and even families) also costs us more money than the previous highly successful programs of releasing non- dangerous families and expecting them to show up for their court dates (Ive read that more than 96 percent did show up). Trump trumped up a crisis of his own making because he’s an arsonist by nature, don’t you think?

        Anyway, I don’t mean to be disagreeable on your blog – I just respectfully disagree. I generally like your articles. They are well written essays and honest, even if, like I said, sorta brutal in my way of thinking in this case.


      • So you think having a parking ticket is equally as wrong as being and an undocumented migrant?

        What is cruel about containing children while their parents are processed ?

        I don’t care about what new label you came up with for Trump , it’s irrelevant to the discussion;

        What specifically do you disagree with about my position against undocumented migration ?


  5. I don’t just think that getting a parking ticket is equivalent to being an undocumented migrant, as a lawyer, I know it. Whether normatively it should be equivalent is a matter of politics and opinion, but for now it just legally is.

    If by “processing” you mean a few minutes, that might be fine, but right now, you are talking about monthes and even years of senseless family separation. This draconian punishment quite simply does not match the alleged crime. And when one considers that the new Trump policy also separated and imprisoned parents who sought asylum legally according to our national and international laws, it gets even more draconian. There are good reasons that this policy was just enjoined by a federal judge – it’s illegal as well as immoral.


    • First:
      This tsalmon guy is running off feelings > facts, and there is no reasoning with such people.
      It’s also quite obvious this guy was “With Her” and is immeasurably butthurt Hillary losing the election so he’s on your blog whining about child separation at the border without even realizing that this practice was Okayed back in 2002 by the very democrats he reveres.

      Amanda, this article was pretty insightful and well written, this just goes to show that even the dullest knife(ie. You) can make a clean cut once in a while.(ie. this article)


    • I didn’t mean legally equal, I meant morally and ethically equal. We’ve already established the definition of misdemeanor, that still doesn’t justify undocumented migration.

      I’m asking if you really think that countries should have open borders and allow undocumented migrants to stay in the country, ahead of all the people waiting to legally immigrate? Because if so I’m not sure what justification you could possibly have for putting the actual citizens of the country at such a safety risk and placing such a financial burden on the society and the government.


      • Morally equal? Perhaps you should ask a philosopher or a priest if you want an expert opinion on morality. You know what they say about opinions, so if you care for mine, just as a parent, I cannot help but feel empathy. So even though I spent 20 years in the Navy flying places and doing missions your simpleton troll above can’t even imagine, I guess I’m a snowflake. For what it’s worth, morally I think it’s reprehensible no matter what Party does separates refugee parents from children.

        As for “facts”, this all took place when Trump discarded compromise policies put in place by Obama to deal with the last real crisis and he then fabricated a new crisis with his “zero tolerance” policy.

        Anyway, to your other question. I know in these days of emotivism everybody thinks they have a right, even a responsibility, to have an inexpert opinion on virtually everything (especially when they can remain anonymously in their underwear in the momma’s basement) I’ll admit that I just don’t know enough on the complexities of immigration policy to have much of an opinion. And even for those people who have expertise in this complex area, you must realize that sometimes there are no perfectly right answers, despite what the loudmouths and blowhards on both sides of the debate might proclaim.

        I remember a professor that I had in law school some 22 years ago saying that the law can be simple and unfair or it can be fair and complex, but it very rarely can be both simple and fair. My guess is that somewhere between having completely open borders and ripping babies from the arms of their refugee mothers there is an imperfect and complex (but pragmatic) middle policy. However, have you found that people are not really interested in talking about such complexities on blogs, but instead are more interested in just vomiting up their own inner demons? Not talking about you of course.

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      • So you think that everyone who chooses to have children should be allowed to illegally migrate and be undocumented without penalization?

        What does empathy for the children of other country’s citizens have to do with laws and policies?

        What obligation does the United States have to accept refugees ?

        And why don’t you think migrant parents have the obligation and responsibility to assure their children have processed documentation before entering them into another country ?

        Ripping babies from the arms of their refugee mothers ???
        Border and immigration agents spend their own time and money to care for these children.
        How dare you talk about US service employees like that?

        Especially the ones looking after the very undocumented children who you and people like you have a ranting meltdown over every time they shed a tear.

        Get over it and grow up.


  6. Ranting meltdown?

    “So you think that everyone who chooses to have children should be allowed to illegally migrate and be undocumented without penalization?”


    “What does empathy for the children of other country’s citizens have to do with laws and policies?”

    Well, as a lawyer I’ve learned that a good bit of justice is about empathy.

    “What obligation does the United States have to accept refugees ?”

    Well, actually we have international signatory and treaty obligations. Look it up.

    “And why don’t you think migrant parents have the obligation and responsibility to assure their children have processed documentation before entering them into another country ?”

    Some of these parents legally sought asylum. For the rest, I think perhaps desparate people do desparate things, meaning the risks they faced at home were far worse than the risk they faced here. What do you think?

    “Ripping babies from the arms of their refugee mothers ???
    Border and immigration agents spend their own time and money to care for these children.
    How dare you talk about US service employees like that?”

    That’s quite admirable. How dare do what? I admire public service, but they factually were separating families now were they not?

    “Get over it and grow up.”

    What fun would that be? I’m only 62. I don’t plan on growing up until I’m at least 80. 😉

    Fond regards and apologies if this frustrated you. Thanks for letting me participate.

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    • You didn’t answer the empathy question;

      There is not one single treaty that requires allowing undocumented migrants to stay though;
      Just calling yourself a refugee does not justify you’re illegal undocumented migration and secretly hiding in a country from the government for any amount of time.

      We do not have the capacity in many senses to take care of all the world’s refugees and their children;

      And if there is a treaty that suggests we allow undocumented people to stay under the label of “refugee” then it needs to be ended.


  7. Hey there. My comment is in regards to three specific points you raised in your post. Apologies in advance for the length of this comment; I wanted to provide a couple sources for context of my statements.
    (1) “The Obama era has weakened American border security and immigration policy so much that the severe increase of undocumented migration over the last ten years has devastated the nation in so many ways.”
    Being completely fair, there is evidence that Obama did actually increase arrests at the border, which decreased the number of illegal immigrants entering this country. I don’t know if you would count this as weakening border security. Is it your contention that our border is weak because people show up, or is it that we’re stopping more people? Thank you in advance for clarifying.
    Also, the increase in undocumented migration began in 1996-1997 when then-President Clinton changed how immigration was handled. That change in itself is sometimes attributed to a law passed in 1986. Depending upon political bent and coverage, there’s enough blame to go around for increase in illegal immigration and how it’s handled.
    With regards to stopping more people, I think your post did address the increase under at least one Democratic Presidency. Like I’ve stated above, it’s nothing new. George W. Bush and Clinton both had their problems handling immigration. Trump essentially is sticking to established policies put in place and never changed under Congresses of different political control.
    (2) “[W]ell why on Earth did [illegal immigrants] choose to have children in such a fucked up country to begin with?”
    In many Central and South American countries it is illegal for them to get abortions, so the choice might not fully be within a mother’s ability. Also, circumstances change in these countries to the point that a kid could get born during a time of stability which goes away years later. Venezuela’s troublesome elections is a good example of this change in situation, I think. Regardless, I haven’t seen too many people deciding to have children simply because they think the US will take care of them.
    That would be like people here having kids because they know they can emigrate to Canada or Sweden if they don’t like their neighborhood. I don’t know if people do that, but if they do, that would be pretty fucked up.
    (3) “And how is it the United [States’] responsibility to take care of [illegal immigrants and their children born abroad]?”
    I wonder what you mean by “take care of” in this context. Is it food, housing, education, medical care, and other living expenses? Is it one or more of those things? Is it something else entirely?
    Supposing that it does involve the US taxpayer paying for some or all of these things, sometimes I wonder how much of this is a demon of our country’s own creation. What I mean is that I wonder what immigrants would do if they were able to come here and get a temporary visa, for example. Would they automatically go on welfare, or would they find work and pay taxes? Depending upon how much they do the latter, I can’t think that people supporting themselves could be seen as getting taken care of by US taxpayers. If anything, they’d be joining US taxpayers.
    I’m curious as to your thoughts on this. What if enforcing the current state of the law stops immigrants from otherwise adding to US communities, paying taxes, and other things?

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    • 1- I don’t think increased arrests during that time means strong borders though, I think it means the opposite; More were getting through so therefore more were getting arrested.
      2- Being pregnant and having children still doesn’t justify avoiding the correct asylum process. There are many points of access that TRUE asylum seekers with children are supposed to go through before entering; If you choose to sneak in, then you need to accept responsibility for the repercussions of those actions; And to elaborate, it is especially wrong (just morally speaking) if you are bringing children on that dangerous illegal trip with you rather than seeking asylum the proper way.
      3- It is all of the above and more; If you pay taxes in America, then at this very moment you are taking care of the children of undocumented migrants in refugee and detention centers (not to mention the tens of thousands of uncaught illegals still living in the country mooching on taxes)

      Getting a job is a privilege; You do not get to bribe a nation into handing their jobs to you without you being a documented legal citizen first.

      I frankly think the United States is nearing max capacity as far as population size and it is not the US’s responsibility or moral obligation to help people who sneak in and work our system to their advantage to suck up US resources, land space, and to expect our public education and tax payer dollars to raise their growing army of children.

      If you are not documented and legal for entry, then you are not welcome (this should go for every country).

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