Anthony Bourdain: “Vegans Should Kill Themselves”

The creepiest thing about this is that this vid was filmed three years ago.


  1. Thanks so much for this post, Amanda. I had not followed Bourdain’s “work” at all, so this was some pretty brain-stopping stuff. Your post was my introduction to his rabid disdain for vegans, a shocking introduction to be sure. Am reblogging this to billziegler1947.
    Grateful for your contributions and your insight 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on billziegler1947 and commented:
    I was not a Bourdain follower and did not know how viscerally vegans repulsed him, but it should come as no surprise whatever. Sideshow geeks draw paying customers and repeat business.
    Endless memorials and testimonials celebrate a life well performed, astonishingly decadent, but highly respected and acknowledged. This video is the first negative review I’ve seen published, vegan tails do not generally wag the dog, do they?

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    • Perhaps it is early to bash him, however bashing is not my intentions.

      If you have the balls to say it on camera then I assume you have no problem with people seeing the footage, dead or not.

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      • Have you read any of his books? May I suggest kitchen confidential my personal favourite. It’s a known fact that he was very blunt about things. If you do like what someone has to say then don’t listen to them. You have your belief’s as so everyone else. If I took it to heart what every pissed of vegan had to say about one of my pictures on some social media site I’d go crazy. But those are there beliefs not mine so I move on and keep going forward.


      • I haven’t read his books and likely won’t.

        Another known fact is that I am also blunt about things.

        If he didn’t want to be exposed for being so extremist/anti-vegan then perhaps he shouldn’t have chosen to express such views. But he did, so it is what it is.

        Depression doesn’t excuse being a wilfully uninformed, arrogant asshat on camera.

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      • This vid actually popped up in my YouTube feed; however even if I did dig it up I don’t think it’s inappropriate at all.

        I have no obligation to pay respects to anyone dead or alive, especially a grown man with such childish, negative views that I certainly could never respect.

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