Burn After Tweeting

Using social media is like swimming around in a pool of information, images, and opinions.

It’s like constantly being a finger tap away from a bombardment of verbal vomit in the form of tiny black letters.

Its like walking through a dark cave with throwaway whispers floating past you, echoing off the seemingly nonexistent walls.

Our buzzing devices direct our attention away from our surroundings and funnel our focus on a retweet, a new follower, this alert, that alert.

Are we enlightened in our pursuit of truth and meaning through community and connection, or are we dazed and unaware in a cycle of instant gratification?

Perhaps we’re a bit of both.


  1. Digital media can do some great things for us but having a significant amount of offline time everyday is a must. I think more and more people are realising that and there seems to be an upward trend in activities such as baking.

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