Safe and Legal Abortion in the US: Vegan-Friendly and Ethically Sound Every Time

People often like to call pro-choice vegans out for alleged hypocrisy, so we’re going to see what the science says about it.

The reason vegans stand against the killing of animals, from an ethical standpoint, is because of two things about animals: they are conscious and can feel pain. The word for consciously aware beings who are able to experience pain is sentience. We, along with nearly all other species, are sentient beings based on our abilities to consciously perceive our surroundings and experience physical pain (as well as a range of other senses).

The issue with abortion is that people don’t always agree on when a human becomes sentient. Until recently there wasn’t much interest in research on this matter, but now technological advances are giving birth to an in-depth understanding of how our biological structure is constructed, and we are for the first time answering our own questions.

This piece will review research discussing fetal development and when sentience begins to come about, based on incontestable biological studies from professional fields.

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, “The science shows that the fetus is not capable of feeling pain until the third trimester“. Also, Journal of Maternal-Fetal Medicine states that “The basic neuronal substrate required to transmit somatosensory information develops by mid-gestation (18 to 25 weeks), however, the functional capacity of the neural circuitry is limited by the immaturity of the system. Thus, 18 to 25 weeks is considered the earliest stage at which the lower boundary of sentience could be placed.”

Consciousness, according to Scientific American Mind, begins to be in place between the 24th and 28th week of gestation. This means the fetus is essentially in a form of sleep for most of the pregnancy, incapable of awareness or pain until late term, at which time abortion has been illegal for months.

Also, per the US CDC, 92% of abortions occur within the first 13 weeks of pregnancy, which as we’ve established causes no pain to the unconscious fetus.

There you have it, pro-choice in the US is vegan and ethical because legal abortion does not kill sentient beings. In the US, a fetus is only approved to be aborted during the time that it is still just a cluster of cells. An early term fetus is equally a potential life as an egg or sperm inside our bodies.

It is important to add that, despite our natural instincts, there is no inherent responsibility for people in any society to breed and continue growing the population. People in developed nations are giving birth at a much higher rate than people are dying off, meaning that overpopulation is steadily growing as an issue.

The solution to a future with a manageable and sustainable population is education. Informing as many people as possible ways to be responsible with their bodies and making everyone aware at a young age what resources are available (including but of course never limited to abstinence; sorry not sorry Catholics, this is a progressive time).

So many people are part of the generations stuck in the loop of having children without being able to support them or give them any kind of positive life, this is unacceptable. Forcing more lives into existence when so many children are already suffering in poverty is irresponsible, without reason, and inhumane.

Without the stigma and shame associated with abortion, and with more widespread public access to accurate information on safe, responsible sexual practices (as well as the unnecessarily taboo topic of vasectomies and hysterectomies), the overwhelming amount of lives coming into existence would begin to be diffused, without a doubt. (Rates for abortions, hysterectomies, and vasectomies can absolutely be made affordable in the US if the government provided annual monetary incentives to hospitals and private medical practices who solely hired specialized doctors who perform them affordably.)

Abortion, as we’ve discussed, has been oppressed as a human right because limited research has existed to support it’s ethicality; The body of evidence that is currently being built, however, makes it overwhelmingly apparent that no conscious being is physically pained by legal US abortion.

Yes, some find it offensive, dark, or against their religious practices to support Pro-Choice; but none of this discredits the fact that Pro-Choice ideology is based on the proven fact that fetuses can not feel pain or experience consciousness until far after the term of pregnancy that abortion becomes illegal.
(Whether or not late or full-term pregnancy is ethical, however, is another topic entirely which I had no intentions of alluding to in this piece.)

If you are someone who is pro-life, I must ask, how many unwanted children are you planning on adopting?



  1. God created all life and that includes fetuses! They are human beings from the moment of conception and regardless of whether they feel pain or there’s an over population or whatever excuse you use to encourage MURDERING an unborn child it is wrong in God’s eyes and all who partake without repentance and forgiveness will answer to the Almighty that created you and them. “Thou shall not kill.” “Bring the children unto Me” God’s words not mine. I pray He will touch your heart and show you His truth about His creation and how much He loves you in spite of your ignorance.

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  2. Your argument is not based on facts, but wishful thinking in order to assuage any guilt or responsibility for murdering children. The question is not do they feel pain but are they human. Quadriplegics don’t feel pain. Are they not human? If the “fetuses” are human then whether they feel pain or not is irrelevant. The Nazis murdered Jews by labeling them as non-humans. Slaves weren’t human either. They were treated with as much respect as a human baby in the womb.

    As I stated in my blog, there is a third alternative. Simply, stop having unmarried sex, or casual sex. Get a RELIABLE contraceptive.

    Furthermore, itt is NOT right to force anyone to subsidize your immorality or your murders of babies. If this monstrous practice is to continue then you should pay for it not me.

    Abortion is not a right. Life is unfair, so is biology. Get used to it. That is the actual science.

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      • I did read it. And it seems that those on the left are the science deniers. It is human. Feeling pain is irrelevant. Its DNA says it’s human. Science says a single cell is living yet not a human conceived in the womb. How very convenient that is. You can think what you want. But I should not have to pay for it. And if a woman chooses to have a baby then both she and the father should be held financially responsible for it if they both decide to give it up for adoption until the child is actually adopted. I think the father should also be allowed to decide if he wants to have the baby and she could then have it delivered at 25 weeks which would almost be the same as an abortion. She would have to be financially responsible for it just as a man is. That would be fair and equal reproductive rights for both the woman AND the man.


      • “It is human. Feeling pain is irrelevant.”
        – I disagree. Suffering is at the heart of the issue, and the fetus does not suffer.

        “Quadriplegics don’t feel pain. Are they not human?”
        – Quadriplegics sentient because they are capable of conscious awareness and are fully formed lives independently sustained. An early term fetus is incomparable because it is a cluster of cells without consciousness or ability to feel pain.
        Also I never said fetuses aren’t “human”, I said they aren’t sentient, which is what ethics is about.

        “I should not have to pay for it.”
        – Agreed

        – I don’t really have a response to the rest of what you said because it isn’t really pertinent to the topic I wanted to discuss here


      • Sentient? So does that mean that it is ok to kill a baby who is 1 week out of the womb? 1 month? The arbitrariness of the argument is the part I am having a very difficult time with. Reproductive right is another term I have a difficult time with. Both of these issues suggest to me it can’t possibly be a right.


      • Sentient means conscious and able to feel pain. Able to suffer or be aware. So no, killing a baby is not ok.

        The right to choose is a right because it is not a special privilege for some and not others, it is by definition a right.


      • Abortion is not a right BECAUSE it isn’t open to all citizens. Terminating a human life aka abortion is a right for only a segment of the population. A right BY DEFINITION is open to all and not just a few. A right is equally bestowed. Abortion and its effects are not equally bestowed and tries to make something equal that isn’t. Sorry but men and women are different and therefore it is not a “reproductive” right.


      • It is absolutely a right for United States citizens to have any medical procedure that’s permitted by law; Who do you think are not legally permitted to get an early term abortion?


  3. Safe and Legal Abortion in the US: Vegan-Friendly and Ethically Sound Every Time

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