Daily Post Response: Educate

The difference that education makes is life or death.

Disease or health.

Peace or despair.

To educate one another is to love one another.

To allow ourselves to be educated is to love ourselves.

One does not need costly schooling or certifications or degrees to become educated. One simply needs an open mind. With an open mind and closed mouth we receive a gift every time. When we choose to listen instead of speak, we receive an opportunity for knowledge, for wisdom. What we do with that knowledge is what can make us better people.

Most people are not encouraged to go vegan by the reality of animal suffering alone.

Most people are not easily persuaded by ethics in this context. However, many people can be persuaded with cold hard facts. Aka, education.

I was raised in the south, relying on meat, dairy, and eggs for the sustenance of my diet for twenty years. And any time I was confronted with the ethics of my dietary choices, I would brush it off because I thought I needed these “foods” for my health.

When I began to learn that not only do I not need meat, dairy, or eggs, but that they are harmful to my health, the wheels began to turn in my self-absorbed mind.

I remember thinking how wrong this information must be, because surely the way I and most people had been raised to eat was not harmful to my health?! But as each day went by and I received more and more information from credible sources, my awareness naturally heightened. I no longer was afraid or ashamed to see what really happens to these animals, because I was able to disassociate eating them from my health.

Knowing how harmful animal products are to my body has made all the difference. I am preventing disease and early death, things that I had no idea I was even at risk for.

And it’s all thanks to education, and my openness to receive it.

And now, I am passing the gift onto you. What will you do with it?




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