Priceless Does Not Exist

via Daily Prompt: Priceless

The biggest price we pay for anything (items, activities, even thoughts) is time, because time is the most valuable asset we have. Our time is limited, and to what extent we don’t even know. We could have another five decades of time or another five seconds. Either way, the factor of the unknown is what gives our time value.

And because time never stops, we never stop paying the price of it.

People talk about things or moments or ideas being priceless, but it isn’t about things being priceless – it’s about things being worth the price we pay.

If we use our time in fulfilling ways, the price of the time is worth it. In an alternate reality where money doesn’t exist, we would still have to pay a price for every moment of our lives and how we choose to use them.

People think of the words “price” and “priceless” and they automatically connote it with money. I think this fact perfectly reflects the superficial priorities most people carry. Price is relative. It means different things to different people. But in the end, the clock is ticking on every single one of our lives, and no amount of money will make a difference in the savings account of time.

Want a true priceless experience? Sorry, there is none. But what you can have is an experience well worth the price, if you value your time and don’t waste it.


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