Things introduce meaning to one’s life. Things are both complementary, and necessary. Things can be worth a fortune and a half, or worth less than dirt.

People LOVE their things.

Materialism is the result of a society in which people can accumulate excessive amounts of products they don’t necessarily need at affordable costs; this, coupled with the message that working hard and having wealth justify luxurious living, excessive waste production, and resource draining lifestyles, are what have implemented the collective materialistic nature of today’s generations.

Since the American revolution our people have been hell-bent on achieving access to lifestyles that allow as many luxurious purchases as possible. The active economy and growing capitalistic state in nineteenth century America allowed people to settle into comfortable lives with abundant material belongings. And now we’re hungry for more (and more, and more).

What’s interesting about people and their things is the wall built around the individual when their priorities value things over experiences. What happens when one is surrounded by man-made items and constantly distracted by stuff is that they fail to blossom as the Earthling they truly are because they’re cut off from the world, buried in a never ending stockpile of junk and clutter.

Disconnected, distracted, and disinterested in living lives aligned with balance and minimalism, today’s youth need a positive message promoting minimalism and waste reduction, and emphasizing cutting down on needless items. One way to promote minimalism and avoid throwing out valuable items is to get into the habit of donating (or selling) something each time a new item is brought into the home. Someone could really use the things that are just sitting around and it gives the opportunity to clear up space, which also helps with mental clarity. Have bags of new clothes waiting to be hung in the closet? Donate or sell some old clothes before putting away the new ones. It’s a simple way to introduce minimalism into a busy life.

Minimalistic living is for low maintenance people who value saving money and who have a quality over quantity mindset. It’s for those who seek constant new experiences without being tied down to unnecessary assets and responsibilities.
Truly, minimalism is ideal for everyone, most just haven’t realized it because they’re stuck in the materialism trap.

Get out of the trap.

Spread the message.

Stay gold, Ponyboy.




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  1. Great post – I followed this blog but haven’t been paying enough attention to WordPress lately so am catching up on some of these older posts. I find that “introducing minimalism to a busy life” makes it feel less busy! As you say, your mind becomes freer.

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