The no-shampoo method has been floating around the hippie community and after careful deliberation and research, I decided to try it. As strange of a concept as this may seem, I haven’t used shampoo in nearly a year. This movement is centered on the idea that our bodies should not be exposed to chemicals when preventable. At first when I decided to go natural and chemical free I was afraid of jumping right into it so I switched my commercial shampoo out for a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. I used this for a few weeks until I came across a body of info that advised against it because of the long-term drying out effect it can have on hair (the same reason I never tried using baking soda). So then I moved to an even stranger method I found (which looking back didn’t really leave the hair much cleaner) which was using a mixture of blended cucumber, lemon juice, and coconut water. As embarrassing as that is, it made me realize that I needed to give water-only washing a chance if I wanted truly restored natural hair; and I’m very glad I decided to try it as I probably wont use commercial shampoo again.

Before I wash my hair I comb through it with a wide tooth comb, then I soak my entire head making sure to really saturate the roots. Then I begin to massage my head as the water showers through the hair and firmly but gently scrub my scalp. After I scrub for several minutes I rinse the hair from root to tip and finger comb to tame it from the scrubbing, and I always rinse my hair and body with cool water before I get out of the shower.
After washing my hair I wear a towel for a few minutes to soak up excess water, then I comb it out again and always air dry. Usually when my hair is dry I apply a bit of coconut oil from the middle of the strands to the ends.

Upsides of no shampoo:

Volume – Hair that’s less dependent on products has more of a natural balance that allows texture and fullness.

Moisture – Without shampoo (or any type of chemical exposure) hair has a chance to breath and restore, and when washed with only water it retains the natural condition, which is why there is no need for conditioner either.

Naturally restored hair – Soft, smooth, and silky hair is my result of a year without shampoo, conditioner, product, or hot tools.

Cost and environmentally friendly as can be.

Ultimately one less cocktail of chemicals we’re exposing our system to (two counting conditioner).

The natural lifestyle is spreading as awareness around chemical use increases. People are realizing they can be just as hygienic using safer, more affordable, environmentally friendlier alternatives. Shampoo leaves hair dry, dull, and lifeless – beat up from a lifetime of chemicals wearing it out. And as far as conditioner goes, I’d say it came about as an attempt to minimize visible damage. Realistically, the shampoo and conditioner industries exist to rake in revenue based on their products giving immediate, non-lasting, artificial results to a society brainwashed into believing they have dire need for these products.

No-poo has helped me in every way. If there’s one thing you remember from this, let it be the fact that shampoo and conditioner artificially and temporarily treat hair, but they don’t truly improve the health of the hair.

During a time when the culture is so geared around consumerism and instant, artificial beauty results, it’s important to educate the next generation on how to live cleaner more minimal lives in ways that enhance their well being and the well being of the planet, and to encourage them to explore new avenues of sustainability and natural living.






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