“The woods are lovely, dark, and deep; but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.” – Robert Frost

It takes an avocado tree somewhere between five and fifteen years to produce fruit.  This is my oldest tree; and the only one that qualifies as a tree really.  This little guy sprouted just before the end of winter [about a month & a half ago], and I’ve seen remarkable growth each day since.
The sky has been clear and the sunshine has been intense this spring.  It can be difficult to balance sun exposure and watering, and recently I’ve been trying to give the tree and sprouts more water to encourage growth and keep the dirt moist; but to be quite honest I sometimes have a tough time knowing exactly how much is enough and how much is over doing it.
Originally when I potted this tree I left the top of the seed poking out of the dirt, exposing the separation in the seed which allows water flow directly to the roots. This is ideal to do when the tree has just been planted, and it can even be left that way; but lately the winds have been a bit rough and when I noticed my little tree unforgivingly swaying in the windy current, I decided to pack another layer of soil on to steady it. The entire seed is covered now but the layer I applied is not heavy so I’m not concerned about water flow.
The nature of a potted plant is such that it’s entire life depends on the planter; vs an outdoor plant that gets rain and all day sun and fresh air.
A potted plant relies on us for sustenance, but matures at it’s own pace.  As gardeners we can’t predict or control how rapidly the plants will grow [unless you use chemical retardents- yuck!], we have to adapt to the plant’s schedule and abide by it’s needs.
Proper care is an often tedious and at times tiring task that must be done.  The attention and tenacity needed to produce results in gardening is, dare I say, that of an artist.

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