Everything Is Not What It Seems

The meaning in life is not out there but inbetween our ears. In many ways this makes us the lords of creation. – Stephen Hawking

Looking out from within the inner space where our consciousness resides, we try to make sense of what exists around us.  What seems to be a mystical phenomenon today might prove to be a methodical mechanism of nature tomorrow.

Thousands and thousands of years back when humankind had no explanation for the sun and it’s expansive heat emission and daily cycles, it only made sense to them that the sun was a gift from the gods.

Thousands and thousands of years beyond our current civilization, our species will likely have evolved further and found other planets similar to or more suitable for life than this one, and will probably consider themselves to be the gods of their own existence.

We are but a brain in a skeleton, in a body made up of trillions of cells; nothing more, nothing less.  And that should be good enough.

And yet we perceive our existence as more than that.  We rely on the man-made construct of a divine power and take comfort in the idea of an eternal consciousness.

When we let go of wishful thinking and open our minds to the true systematic nature of our being and of the cosmos, we release the fears we hold of living our brief lives to the fullest and accept the terms and conditions of reality; not as we want them to be, but as they are.


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