I do not have children, nor do I have animals; my plants are my babies.  However, managing plant parenthood (pun intended) can get difficult.  Since I don’t have a lengthy portfolio of gardening experience, when I come across helpful tips and tricks to keep my plant babies healthy I always make note.  Hopefully another up & coming crop farmer finds this information helpful! ~~~tree 4.28



When I start an indoor plant, I usually give them morning and evening sun, and shade them in the afternoon to avoid too much intensity for the delicate sprouts.  In addition I avoid watering them in the morning before a sunny day, so as not to fry them (I usually do light/moderate watering after window exposure and heavier watering after direct sun exposure).  Another thing I think is important for anyone who leaves their indoor plants outside for hours at a time is making sure to get rid of the insects.  It can be tedious to pick every single ant and aphid out, but it’s best to keep the bugs away from the plants (plus you don’t want to bring insects inside).


One fascinating thing I’ve learned is that if a sprout looks quite droopy as if it’s dying, to immediately soak it and the dirt surrounding it. Give it a bit more of a soak than you think you ought to, and it should perk up after a while (if it isn’t already dead).


When I start an avocado plant I use the glass of water method.  I usually try to change the water and clean the glass every week, to keep the seed free of infection.  When I plant the sprouted baby avocado tree in soil I leave a bit of the top of the seed poking out of the soil, so as to spray water into the opening of the seed (so it drips into the roots).  The last tip is a little strange but I’ve read it’s good for avocado trees; every once and a while I squeeze a few drops of juice from an orange (or any citrus fruit) into the soil around the seed, and follow it up with a light watering.

I hope at least someone gets something out of this post.  I will be posting updates on my plants, assuming the summer is fruitful.  Sending much love and peace from my garden to yours!


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