Simple Practices for Enhanced Wellbeing

Some practices I’ve implemented into my routine that I have found particularly effective.

  • Oil Swishing.  Swishing with coconut oil for fifteen to twenty minutes daily (or often) results in whiter teeth and improved oral health.  The oil lifts stains out of teeth and pulls microbes (aka toxins) out of the mouth and gums like a magnet, protecting teeth and helping prevent gum disease.  Jessica Emery, DMD, says “It is a great supplemental therapy.”
  • Deep Full-Body Stretching.  Stretching increases blood and nutrient flow to the muscles, and can reduce soreness and menstrual pain.  Stretching also increases flexibility, which leads to an improved range of motion.  According to David Nolan, a PT at Harvard affiliated General Hospital, “Stretching has to happen on a regular basis. It should be daily.”
  • Cool Showers.  There is a reason athletes soak sore and tired muscles in ice baths.  In the mid eighteenth century Vincenz Priessnitz [considered the “father of modern hydrotherapy”] had major success treating his clients’ ailments using cold water therapy.  According to Doctor Joseph Mercola, “Cold water improves blood circulation by allowing arteries to pump more efficiently.”  Researchers published in Medical Hypothesis have said that “cold water sends tons of electrical impulses to the brain, which can have anti-depressive results.”  Cold water also shrinks the hair cuticles, which allows the hair to retain moisture.
  • Drinking 90-100ounces of Water Daily.  People die in a matter of days without water, and water is more than 50% bodyweight.  The Institute of Medicine recommends 90 ounces per day for women and 125 ounces for men. The US National Library of Medicine says “water deprivation and dehydration can lead to the development of headache”, supporting the idea that the common headache is usually caused by not enough water consumption.

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